In Stitches by Sharon J. Rose

Workshops are a great place to find a new hobby, create something beautiful, 

meet new people and have fun! Come join us, we can't wait to meet you!!



The Workshops take place in my home.   

A sewing machine is required along with a few other tools. A supply list will be available once a Workshop has filled and the time and date is established. Some supplies are available for purchase through me.




Practical Bag!  

What a perfect name for this fun to make, very versatile bag!   Easily made in one Workshop and ready to use for groceries, diapers, overnight trip, knitting, workout clothes or just about anything!



"Your Choice" Christmas Table Runner Workshop!

Good Beginner project and beautiful to have on your table or give for a gift! 


Snap Bags! These little bags "snap" open and "snap" shut!  Just choose some fun fabrics and make up lots of sizes!  




 Pillows!  Pillows!  Pillows


 In this Workshop we are going to learn how to create beautiful throw pillows!  Start from scratch and make your pillow or bring an old one that needs a new cover.  Either way you will learn lots of options and techinques for creating unique accent pillows for your home!




This pillow has had 4 tassels added to the corners!  Let your imagianation go and who knows what may develop! 

 Here are just a few possibilities.  The above is a Flange Pillow, below the pillow has a small aplique and is edged with welt cord.

  Just below is an example of trimming a pillow with a fringe.  The sky is the limit and with all the beads, trims and fabrics available today, making pillows is a never ending adventure!




 "Quilts are like hugs from the ones you love!" 




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