In Stitches by Sharon J. Rose

Gallery of Quilts

"Quilts are like hugs from the ones you love!"

Interested in a quilt but not in making your own? I'd be happy to do it for you! Below are some of my quilt creations.

Email me for more information at

Grandchild number five, Cody Ryder, arrived July 2nd, 2011 and I finished his quilt just in time!  

Daddy is showing off Cody's quilt.

Finally Finished!  

My American Sampler Quilt is created using a different technique of quilting for most all of the blocks!

 A challenge for anyone, but LOTS of fun and stunning when complete!

Memory Quilts

Ever wonder what to do with all those t-shirts you or your children have collected? Make a Memory Quilt! 

I would be happy to create it for you, just send an email to

I was asked to design and build a memory quilt from the ties and shirts of a customer's husband (quilt on the right), as a gift for their daughter. I incorporated small details of the buttons and the labels from the shirts and ties as well.

Babies are Love!

This quilt full of hearts is the perfect welcome gift for a new little person in your life. 


Pinwheels are one of my favorite designs for a quilt.  With the flow of bright colors,  lights and darks it is a very appealing quilt pattern.

These are just some of my many favorite pinwheel quilts. Small changes can make SUCH a difference!

The middle picture is a close up view of three dimensional pinwheels. Click on the images to see an up-close view of the details. 

Quilts for Baby

Another grandchild, another quit. Benjamin is no longer a baby but still uses his "Nana Quilt".

Choo Choo Trains for Baby!  Lap size quilt just right for cuddling.

Scrap Quilt

This is called a scrap quilt.  Made with blue and neutral scraps from my very full scrap basket.  I need to do many more of these!

Quilts for Family ~ Made with Love

My sister loves kitties, purple and blue so this quilt was created for her and her feline friends.

This quilt is full of love and made for my daughter Kristin's, 30th Birthday.

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