A Reupholstered sofa with beautiful lines and details.   











New life for a much loved and used motor home sofa bed with matching throw pillows! !  Newly covered and ready to roll on a 5 month trip to Alaska!   Don't we wish we could all ride along!!




This antique sofa has had the webbing replaced and springs restrung. 




This antique chair was taken down to the frame and the webbing was replaced, the springs restrung and the outside reupholstered.




Camel Back Sofa with new upholstery cover.




Oversize wing back chair with contrast welt cord.




Living room chair covered with red and white pillow ticking and matching welt cord.



 Living room chair with beach print and matching welt cord.








No job too small.! These counter stools have been recovered and so have the chairs above and below.



These chairs had the seats reupholstered and look like new.


"Friendship is a tapestry woven through the years with threads of joy and laughter, happiness and tears!" 

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