In Stitches by Sharon J. Rose

For information on Sewing and Quilting Classes contact me at:
My Quilting Classes are open to all levels and are great for getting help with those UFO's UnFinished Objects) you've been wanting to finish.
We love having new people, so come join the fun!


Look what we've been making at Quilt Class!  








All our quilts start as small pieces and grow into our finished projects! 

This has been a great year for finishing quilts!  The American Sampler Class started out over a year ago and I have one very determined student who finished her quilt!  I am very proud of her and love her quilt and choice of fabrics

The quilt at the left is the one I made as a model for the class out of bright colors. 



This is Gerry and her beautiful, finished quilt!  She chose Batik Fabrics which do not show up well in the photo, but make a stunning quilt!  Congratulations, Gerry you did an awesome job!!





Ginny finished her Sampler Quilt and was very pleased with the results, as we all were!  Good job Ginny!



Another beautiful creation by Barbara who keeps us delighted with all her unique designs!  Wonderful job Barbara! 



This is where we created when I lived in North Carolina.  My "Creating Room" is still under construction here in Costa Rica!


This is a Sampler class where some people made quilts and others used their blocks to create beautiful placemats! 

Pictured here are Beth, Ginny, Norma, Pam and my kitty, MEME, who visits occasionally!

We lost MEME in 2010 and, missing her antics and the warmth she brought to our home, we adopted a 3 year old named MOLLY! Soon she too will be entertaining us here and in quilt class!


Everyone celebrates on the completion of a project!  This was Judy's first quilt made from her husbands flannel shirts!  Isn't it beautiful? 


"Finished is way better than perfect." 

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