In Stitches by Sharon J. Rose

This project is completed and has been flying over Oak Island/Southport, NC!

Talk about expanding my horizons!  Creating the inside components of a small plane being built was not only a challenge but a lot of fun!  The first photo is of the two seats and their backs draped with the seat belts.  The second photo is shows the seat cushion with the gearshift covers and the instrument panel.  In the third photo you can see what the gearshift covers looked like before the seat cushions were installed. This photo also shows one of the side panels and side pockets. Looking at the fourth photo will show you the storage compartment with the zipper closure that is behind the two seats.

 In the photo to the far left you are looking over the back seat at the back panels and the covered storage compartment before the cushion and storage compartment are installed.   The last photo is the outside of the plane as it sits.  The wings are stored up above and waiting for an engine.




A much loved and used motor home has been transformed by the reupholstering of the worn sofa.  Perfect for the next trip and the next adventure!



Another one of my projects that will be hitting the road.  A small camper required new mattresses with covers that could be used as seating during the day.  One more fun project! 


 "Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom and closets!"

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