In Stitches by Sharon J. Rose



 The items pictured in this bedroom were created with a number of coordinating fabrics.  The Window Seat, Bedspread, Dust Ruffle and Pillows are from three different fabrics while the upholstered chair is from two different fabrics that work well.    The cushion on the Window Seat is a custom cut of foam that I have upholstered.  The bedspread is quilted with a custom design.






Another Window Seat with accent pillows. 





A special wall hanging quilt was designed around a counted cross-stitch that held fond memories.   




Need something special to cheer someone during difficult times?  This "Thinking of You" quilt holds cards and letters in the pocket behind the flower pot.

Bright and cheerful in your choice of colors!




A grocery cart cover to make your baby safer, more comfortable and entertained. Seat rolls up for storage.





Everybody loves Raggedy Ann!




My task was to create a top to be worn for anniversaries from  a wedding gown.  The bottom of the gown is going to be made into a quilt which I will post when it is completed.

 This is the front of the top.  The piece hanging down in the center is from the back and will not show.  You've probably noticed picture taking is not one of my strong points!

Finally,  the quilt is finished!!  It is made with the fabric and beading from the wedding dress and two shades of blue satin.  The back is light blue flannel and there is lots of quilting--hearts and curls.  Althought the beading doesn't show well in the photo it runs down the center of each heart and around two corners of the white border. 




"My soul is fed with needle and thread, my body with chocolate!" 

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